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Welcome to Crummy Gut, a place dedicated to people with "crummy guts": those of us with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), celiac disease (CD), gluten sensitivities, primary immunodeficiency bowel disease, colostomies and other associated bowel issues. If your life revolves around pooping (spending way too much time pooping, worrying about pooping or wanting to poop) or if you know every bathroom between wherever you are now and wherever it is that you are going, chances are you belong to the Crummy Gut tribe.

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Blog: Bathroom Adventures

Check out Blog to read the latest and greatest bathroom adventures that Crummy Gut has to offer, as well as cutting edge information and general self-indulgent ramblings. On the right-side of every page is a link to the most current post. Be sure to check them out!


If you want to laugh, check out Fun. We are talking potty humor here, people. Admit it--you know you love it. This is also the home of the Golden Plunger Award, Crummy Gut's infamous award for bathrooms that meet stringent emergency poop attack standards.


If you want to explore reviews, food options, and recipes (low carb, low sugar, gluten-free, lactose-free, Specific Carbohydrate Diet among others), then check out Food. Those of us with crummy guts spend an inordinate amount of time eliminating; this area focuses on the input side of the equation.


Crummy Gut offers general information for the gut-impaired. Check out FAQs, Resources, and CVID Gut Issues to see what we have to offer. Crummy Gut is the only website (that I know of, anyway) that offers information about CVID gut issues--so take advantage of it, people!

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Latest From The Blog

  • KFC and Me

    For just short of 13 years, I worked as a telecommuter program manager for a well-known networking and data communications company in San Jose, CA. Until the very last year of my employment, I was able to fly up to […]

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  • Changes and more…

    Hello, Everyone! After having had to delete hundreds — and I do mean HUNDREDS — of auto-generated posts trying to sell Viagra, Cialis and Prednisone (who knew!?!?), I have decided to disallow comments on posts.  That being said, I really […]

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  • American Abroad

    The trouble with traveling is that wherever I go, I take my gut along with me. In 2001, I decided to go to on a two-week tour of Egypt with a group from the church I was attending at that […]

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  • Yes, Virginia, Toilets DO Explode

    A few weeks ago when I was having a particularly painful bout, I was doubled over on the toilet, whimpering and moaning. My fiance, Michael (who has a perfect gut even on chemotherapy and a wicked sense of humor), banged […]

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  • Irregular Gut Activity

    (This is a submission from Phil Bailey, a fellow Crummy Gut person. Enjoy!! Tina)
    IBD or IBS? Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome? I don’t completely understand the differences between these two maladies, so I’m not sure which one I […]

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  • Another Day, Another Bathroom Adventure

    Because of the some of the auto-immune issues that I deal with (and some of the medication I take), my hair has a tendency to fall out in patches. Normally when this happens I wear hats but since I am […]

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